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      I can only read about the anger and suffering Americans experienced in the Civil War times. Yet, for the last four years anger has become a reality no American has failed to experience. The last year has brought us to the edge of despair. For some despair has been has come and devastation has rooted deeply in their lives. I cannot relate to the Mom and Pop businesses that have failed due to no fault of their own. Americans living in Liberal ran cities have been used as pawns in the lefts political fight. I say all of this to lead to an important reality that Americans and especially the Conservative Americans need to realize quickly, because we are closer than ever to never being able to return to the core belief that if left to us as individuals, happiness can be pursued by all.

      Let me begin by laying out a hard cold fact. Yes Conservatives have a lot to be angry about: we should be angry that our governors have used us as pawns, yes we should be angry that our businesses have been pillaged for their political benefits, yes we should be angry for the national debt that makes our earned income a target for Politicians to take and waste, yes we should be angry at Washington for countless reasons. However, I need to sadly say the target for the majority of our anger should be at ourselves.

      The reason I say that is because most conservative’s lives are centered around work, family, recreation, well you know, “The American Dream”. Now I’m not saying Liberals do not chase these things because they do, but what they do that most Conservatives do not do is actively and extremely well is involve themselves in Political action efforts. When Donald Trump entered the stage of Politics he began a swell of Patriotic and politic fervor in the average hard working American. He shined light on things that most Americans never thought of and that is the point I am making in the post. The left has had 60 years of diligent work and scheming to get Conservatives on our heels and boxed into the corner we are in right now. We conservatives have allowed this because while we were living our lives they were laying the foundation brick by brick and we allowed them to do this. So in stark reality we should be angry at, you got it, OURSELVES.

      We were so busy living our lives we didn’t, push back with the same verbosity the left have employed for 60 years. We didn’t lay aside the time to investigate, activate, and navigate a means of defeating their agenda. We elected a ruling class and not a working class. It is a fact you snooze and loose. We have allowed the left to dominate all areas of our lives. Hollywood, Media, Schools, local Goverments, Federal Goverments, Business, on and on I could go. We seated the battle field to the left while we were consumed with our immediate surroundings. Now we find ourselves surrounded and overwhelmed.

      The bulk of our anger needs to be directed at ourselves. While we run around enraged at the left we should be looking in the mirror. we must make time regularly to get involved in taking back the ground we lost. Find working class leaders, support their path to run, go to Town halls, read and research strategies, stand up and work for our Constitution. We must teach our children and families true American History, learn ourselves what the Constitution says and means. Stop supporting institutions and businesses that enables the destruction of American Conservatives ways of life. We as Conservatives needs to stop being so consumed in living the American dream and get off our butts and get involved. We can only blame ourselves for where we find ourselves today. I spend countless hours each day trying to get Veterans and Patriots involved in our efforts. Folks it will take energy, strength, effort, time, money, and yes involvement.

      So folks i lay a challenge before you to reach deep down inside our hearts, schedules, and yes pockets to be apart of the rest of your lives in taking back this Nation. The alternative is to leave our children and our Families with a Nation that will rape them plunder them and use them for their desires.

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