“Want to really “do something?”, Take back the Republican Party precinct by precinct from the ground up.” The Precinct Project

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      At Veteran’s Uniting as One, our mission is to take back American via constitutional means. We are not the “Domestic Terrorists”, we are the Americans that love the American we grew up in, and we simply are not willing to give that to greedy corrupt globalists. That doesn’t mean we have to lower ourselves to their low standards, instead, we maintain our integrity and honor by Holding the Moral High Ground.


      On Warroom Pandemic with Steve Bannon, episode 712 on February 6th, 2021, Daniel Schultz talks about how grass roots Republicans need to volunteer for our local precincts. There are over 4,000 positions nationwide within the Republican Party at the local county level, and only 2,000 of these positions are currently filled. We TAKE American back by getting off our tails and volunteering to be a member of the local precinct committees. Each state has a different set of rules, so we will begin listing the steps here for each states rules on how YOU get on the committees. Myself, I am signing up as a committee member in Denton County, Texas. Like the Corps taught me, I will never ask you to do anything I won’t do myself.

      OUR mission starts with YOU at YOUR local precinct's republican committee.    VUO will be creating a committee to track who is working to get on their local election boards, and to help make that happen.   We will all be collaborating to learn the process in each state, and then document that here.    Example:   Once I figure out how Texas law works pertaining to getting onto the election board or election committee, I will document the process here for anyone else in Texas that wishes to do the same.   

      This post is only the beginning, as we want to keep track of which members are volunteering where. We need YOU to do some soul searching, and determine if American is worth 1 night a month of your time. THIS IS HOW WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK LEGALLY!


      Resources used for this blog post;

      The Precinct Project’s Blog ->

      The Right Lane Network – Arizona’s Conservative Community ->

      Warroom Pandemic Episode 712 – How to Win with Dan Schultz and Mike J Lindell ->

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