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      We need Radio Operators, New and Old!
      Folks, please know these facts: It is ALWAYS legal to transmit on ANY frequency using ANY mode, and with as much output as you can muster in a bonafide Emergency. Secondly, some people have this thing about not wanting any federal agency to know that they have radio equipment. Okay. You can still get into real, long-distance radio and be set up for the day there is no more effective FCC. I would like to work and play with anyone and everyone who has information about my current situation no matter their status with the federal government, to be perfectly honest.
      And IF the FCC ceases to be, then the more the merrier and we can expect all knobs will go to eleven anyway. You can be of MUCH more use to us in terms or communications exercises as a HAM, but like I said, in a crisis the more the merrier so of course we will still help you prepare (in other words HAM snobbery has a MER of zero meters on HAM Nation range). Everybody wants to be prepared and your help is needed either way,.. so please, take a look at my YouTube video below and consider joining us at HAM Nation, and also be sure to check the gear store often for HAM radio deals! -WA4SUP, “Always a Pleasure.”

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