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      Harvey Cooley

      Folks I want to begin by apologizing for allowing myself to get so busy working with the rest of the Board Members building the foundation we need to stand strong as a successful organization, I allowed a crack to form. In such a situation you have two choices:

      1. Continue to build and chance an uncertain future.

      2. Regroup and repair the crack knowing it will be harder, but secure a better success in standing.

      We choose the latter.


      So I apologize from the bottom of my heart for allowing nefarious behavior to go unchecked. The crack has been checked and repairs are underway. I will no longer sit idle why immature, immoral and self serving conduct to exist. As Veterans we all get get boisterous. However there is a fine line between boisterous and detriment.

      VUO is on the verge of landing on the National stage and we cannot afford for our actions to not be guided by standards. It is no different when you wore the uniform. What you do reflects the whole. Due to ignoring for far to long the immature behaviors of some we have lost some really dedicated and Patriotic members. That blood letting has hurt our standing and I take full responsibility for it. I ask fir your forgiveness and help in growing and if any still here can help reach out to any you know that have left due to these poor behaviors. Again I encourage joy to get involved with the Website and our reemergence.


      Thank you for your patience Brothers and Sisters

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      I truly appreciate all the Board has done for this group. I think we need to remember we are all human and as such make mistakes on a frequent basis. I admire Harvey for standing up and from me he never needs to ask forgiveness. I want to do everything in my power to support the VUO. Again, thank you to Harvey and all the Board for all they are doing for us and our country.

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        Harvey Cooley

        Thanks Jackie sorry it took me so long to reply

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