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      Look folks the establishment is insisting We The People just shut up about the improprieties of the 2020 Election. If we don’t we are Domestic Terrorist. Yet they surrendered to the Left and refused to stand up. The problem with that is the improprieties were glaring and never investigated. They want us to just except that no evidence was found. That’s like saying to a person who has been blind since birth that the sky is blue. The blind person has no alternative but to take your word for it. Well, my liberty is far more important than the color of the sky. The ability to see is a huge blessing but I would rather be blind and have all my liberties than have sight and no liberties. It is that plain. The legislative and judicial branches never aloud true investigations. So don’t tell me to just except what I can’t see proven. Sorry but these are not honest people. Now the left wants total Federal control of Elections with no safeguards against fraud. The lack of courage prevails the Republican Party l. The lack of honesty and integrity prevails the Democratic Party. Demanding that our liberties not be infringed is not synonymous with being a Domestic Terrorist. Just saying.

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