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      Probably most of you do not know, but the American Bar Association (a non-profit legal society) has significant influence over our legal system. Its reaches go to “rating” potential presidential judicial appointments to proposing “Model Rules of Professional Conduct” that tend to be adopted by many of the 50 state bar associations across the country. There are approximately 1,220,000 lawyers in the United States today. At one time, the ABA boasted that approximately half of the lawyers in the U.S. were members of its organization (circa 1979); in 1979, there were roughly 575,000 lawyers in the United States. The best estimate of lawyer members of the ABA today is ~195,000.

      With the aforementioned in mind, the article below was published for this week’s newsletter blast. I’m sure you will find the author’s [mis?]characterization of several of former President Trump’s presidential comments and positions interesting…

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