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OK I’m digging a foxhole for the incoming I’m gonna get. Trump was a useful patriot. He is not the guy I want to  follow into battle, because I’m really not sure he values the Constitution as much as I do. He hates waste, corruption, the political status-quo, Mitch McConnell, all the right things that would make a great Sergeant Major and he performed admirably He gets the MISSION done. But I think that’s where he hits his Peter Principle, though. I’m not sure he can see beyond the MISSION to maintain the VISION..

I want to see a Ted Cruz or Ron Desantis-type personality be the face of the conservative movement. They are capable of handling both the present while never taking their eye off the VISION. The People will elect the person who best reflects the VISION of their Party/Movement.

Alright. Ive been reinforcing my bunker while I typed. Let me have it.